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Audio is just as important as the video itself. Audio and video should be in perfect harmony to create something overwhelming. The audio needs to be perfectly timed on the video shots with the right elements. By doing this the right way, your watchers will get goosebumps while seeing the video.

We combine music, SFX and voice-overs to get the video to a higher level. We’ve done video audio mixdowns for many big clients, such as: Amsterdam Music Festival, A State Of Trance, Electronic Family, The Flying Dutch and many more. 

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By making seamless transitions between different tracks, we build the base for a perfect video audio mixdown. This is the first step to create a professional video.

Sound effects

We use sound effects to create a much more dynamic video audio mixdown. We always add sound effects when creating a mixdown. For example, we do this for event videos, but also for corporate videos.


When we’re working on a video audio mixdown for big events, we always use soundbites of the MC or DJ. This has a great effect on the video. Besides this, we also mix regular voice-overs into your audio piece.  

video audio mixdown portfolio

productions we're proud of

Since two years, we became the leading company in video audio mixdowns. Combining video with audio is what we love the most, and we truly believe that a proper sound-design is even important as the video itself.


Get in touch with us for all your questions. We understand that every production is different and asks for another workflow. This is why we'd like to get to know you and your expectations. Just contact us and see what we can do for you.

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