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Every podcast should use their own intro tune to be recognizable for the listeners. It not only increases the brand awareness, but also clarifies the music style. Besides that, it’s a great way to start your podcast show and to build up the tension.

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We offer 2 different types of podcast intros. One is a custom-made podcast intro including a custom voice-over and a selection of your tracks. The other one is a template which you can buy and download directly after your purchase is done. 

template podcast intro

Ready-made intro
  • Radio glitchy style
  • 30 seconds
  • Female voice-over
  • Direct download

Custom-made podcast intro

Custom made intro
  • 45 seconds
  • Male or female voice-over
  • Possibility to write your own script
  • Delivered within 7 days
  • Selection of your tracks included


podcast intro

A podcast intro contains the title of the podcast and the artist name which increases the brand awareness each time it is being played.

We can produce an intro completely adjusted to your style. You can personalize it even more by writing your own voice-over script. If you want us to do this for you for free, then that’s possible too. 

podcast intro

45 seconds

45 seconds of high quality intro produced by a professional sound engineer.

voice-over included

Male or female voice-over included. The possibility to write your own script.

podcast intro

  • 45 seconds high quality intro
  • Male or female voice-over
  • Possibility to write your own script
  • Produced by a professional engineer
  • Delivered within only 7 days
  • A selection of your tracks included
  • All genres
25% discount

fast delivery

Delivered within only 7 days.

tracks included

A few snippets of tracks of your choice included! The possibility to submit your selection of tracks.

What's included the podcast intro service?

45 seconds duration

We deliver podcast intros with a maximum duration of 45 seconds, because we believe this is how long an intro should last. 

Male or female voice-over

You can decide whether you prefer a male or female voice-over to record the script. 

Write your own script

You can personalize your intro even more by writing your own script or let us take care of it (for free).

A selection of your tracks

You can pick out your own selection of tracks.  We suggest to add 5 or 6 tracks.

Fast delivery

We strive to deliver your intro within a maximum of 7 days. 

All genres

We know how to work with many different genres. Let us know what you prefer and how you like it.

showreel 2020

podcast intro portfolio

productions we're proud of

Throughout the years we’ve proudly worked for many big artists. We had the oppertunity to work with many different styles. Just let us know how you like it, and we’ll create something what will take your podcast to a higher level. 


Get in touch with us for all your questions. We understand that every production is different and asks for another workflow. This is why we'd like to get to know you and your expectations. Just contact us and see what we can do for you.

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